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The architecture of this original 1930s apartment in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires was beautiful, but in a state of total disrepair.  A few terrible renovations had all but obliterated some of the spaces and much of what was original and beautiful required care to carefully peel back layers of decay and bring the best features to light.  To showcase the gorgeous original features of the apartment a large carpentry effort was undertaken to restore the moldings, the floors, and the original doors, windows and bronze hardware.  Bathrooms were modernized and materials were chosen that merged modern design flair with classic and traditional methods (which included hand-poured, cement tiles and marble countertops.  A few bold shifts of the floorplan were undertaken, including the merging of three separate kitchen spaces into one, large chef’s kitchen with a 3.5m solid wood island for entertaining and cooking, and sacrificing one bedroom to create a generous walk-in closet and luxe master en suite bath. 

Photography: Albano Garcia

Builder: M2 Construction

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