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Designed for this architect's own family, this 1890s Victorian was rich in detail in the primary rooms of the main floor, with high ceilings, bright southern light due to the corner location, and varied from many because of an extra “library” room on the main floor.  Those gorgeous details in the entry area, however, had been stripped away as one moved beyond the initial rooms.  From missing wood floors to oddly-inserted walls, poorly-matched trim to a mish-mash of hardware spanning decades, the house needed a major overhaul from an overall space-planning perspective as well as focused attention to peeling away the bad and taking the best original details and weaving them throughout.  Custom cabinetry was designed and built on-site, with all new plumbing, fixtures, appliances, heating, and insulation.  Many of the furnishings, art and accessories had been collected over a decade of living abroad, so the restoration work used many of these pieces as an inspiration and departure point for the final colors and finishes.

Photography: Bess Friday

Builder: Benburb Construction

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