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Two small flats in an old tenement building were combined to create this three-bedroom, two-bath flat for a family of four in the busy and dense Soho neighborhood of Hong Kong. Great care was taken to ensure the space would be full of light and feel quite spacious despite its small floor area. The privacy requirements of a busy family were also carefully considered, with carefully planned spaces for all members of the family and their respective activities. Bespoke cabinetry in every room ensures storage is plentiful, which also ensures the small flat can remain clutter-free at all times, despite hosting a baby and a toddler. A restrained palette of white and black in various textures were used, along with the judicious use of mirrors and carefully planned lighting for all tasks and times of day. Obscure glass panels stack or slide open to transform spaces from small and private to continuous and spacious. A roof terrace equal in size to the flat was finished in rugged materials to withstand all types of weather plus the wear-and-tear of both kids play and cocktail parties. It is a project that challenges one’s perspective regarding how much space we require to live by tailoring every square inch to the needs of the family.

Photography: Edgar Tapan + Arcfoto

Builder: Aggie Hong

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