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The clients for this project presented a design program challenging the common notion that strikingly spare, functionally driven space does not lend itself to the realities of today’s busy family. But rather than a tale of compromises pitting minimal design against messy reality, these clients happily embraced both extremes and sought to create a house that was part quiet, calm and cool but opens up to reveal the client’s quirky, colorful side.

The resulting 3,600 square foot house has a garage and small recreation room buried into the site and accessible from the lower street level through the obscure glass and steel garage doors. The main floor of the house is a transparent glass box containing the main living spaces. This “box” is set askew upon a concrete plinth, with the second floor box, clad in concrete panels, is set atop the glass box efficiently containing the home’s private spaces and enjoying a commanding view of Kirkland and Lake Washington beyond.

Photography: Lara Swimmer

Builder: McKinstry Construction

In Collaboration with Coop 15


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